Los Padres National Forest goes fee free this Saturday

Sep 26, 2014

A portion of the Los Padres National Forest during a period with more rainfall.
Credit Flickr member Damian Gadal, Winter 2005

The Los Padres National Forest is waiving its visitor fees on Saturday, September 27.

The deal applies to all Adventure Pass areas except the Lower Santa Ynez Recreation Area, where the fee will remain in effect.

While forest personnel says fall is a great time to get out and enjoy our local public lands, spokesperson Andrew Madsen wants to remind visitors that we're in peak fire season. He also wants to reiterate that campfires are banned anywhere within the forest and have been since the end of August.

"We've put that message out consistently for the last couple of months, and we do have rangers patrolling campgrounds to remind folks who might not be aware of the restrictions that campfires are not allowed," said Madsen. "Only cooking stoves [are allowed], and that has to be within the campgrounds."

The Los Padres National Forest extends along a large portion of the Central Coast from Monterey County down through Ventura County.