Lucia Mar teachers authorize union to strike if negotiations with district fail

Mar 27, 2015

Supporters of the Lucia Mar Unified Teachers Association picket for a salary increase.
Credit "Fairly pay our teachers" petition

The union representing teachers in the Lucia Mar School District now have authorization to initiate a strike, should negotiations reach that point.

The Lucia Mar Unified Teachers Association (LMUTA) announced the support from teachers following voting on Friday.

The teachers are asking for an increase in wages to bring salaries closer to those of their colleagues working in neighboring districts, including San Luis Coastal and Santa Maria-Bonita. Lucia Mar School District leaders say they can't afford the level that's being proposed, and have made their own offer.

An independent report outlining facts from the two sides in this negotiation is expected to be released any day now. That information—collected during a "fact-finding" period—will be used during future talks between the two sides.