A Message From KCBX President Frank Lanzone

Jan 30, 2020

Dear KCBX listener,

We’ve been watching interactions between NPR journalists and Secretary of state Mike Pompeo. Pompeo was upset with tough questions from NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly, and challenged her journalistic integrity. We believe Kelly’s questions are exactly why you rely on NPR and KCBX for news and information that holds those in power accountable.

Since this happened, we’ve heard from many KCBX listeners who have sent comments and donations to support excellence in reporting. You and millions of people rely on independent, ethical, responsible journalism organizations in communities across the United States.

The question that often is raised by public radio detractors is, “Why are taxpayer dollars paying for NPR and public radio?” You may already know the answer: more than 90% of our funding comes from local sources, and not from the government. KCBX and NPR still exist because individual listeners who value independent, fact-fueled journalism make impactful donations to KCBX and local stations everywhere. It’s people like you who help pay directly for local and national programming.

NPR stands by their reporting, as does KCBX.

Thank you for your support.

Frank Lanzone
KCBX President