Monsanto and local agricultural reps to be panelists in GMO discussion

May 11, 2015

Credit Jay Thompson, Cal Poly

Representatives from opposite sides of the GMO debate will be at Cal Poly Tuesday.

The student group, Net Impact, is hosting a panel discussion about issues surrounding GMOs.

There will be a representative from Monsanto and members of the local agricultural community.

Amy Tran is an Economics major at Cal Poly and helped organize the panel. She said they aimed to make it as neutral as possible and that they want to inform students about GMOs and the future of food.

"I feel like a lot of the students don't really know what's going on and for the most part, we're not informed enough to take a stance," said Tran. "So that was the goal of this event."

The discussion begins Tuesday night in Chumash auditorium at Cal Poly.