Move over Napa—Lodi rocks with Wine & Roses

Nov 12, 2016

Russ Munson, General Manager Wine & Roses hotel, spa, restaurant and event center in Lodi, California
Credit Thomas Wilmer

Lodi, California has been a major producer of wine for more than a century, but it’s just now etching its place because of it truly word-class fine wines—this is the home of the legendary Seven Deadly Zins. Correspondent Tom Wilmer, reports from Lodi at the Wine & Roses hotel, restaurant, spa, and event center for a visit with Russ Munson as he talks, wine, cuisine, and more.

Lodi's Wine & Roses hotel is a destination you’d expect to find in Napa or Sonoma—but here it’s a treasured treat of a destination for locals and couples from the San Francisco Bay Area in search of an off-the-beaten path getaway.

Even though Lodi is just down the road from Sacramento, it’s amazing how many people miss the turn off to a truly special California vacation destination for those in search of cool micro-breweries, wineries, and local’s favorite diners.

Credit Kornreich Design San Luis Obispo

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