New bill seeks to help students navigate the digital world

Mar 10, 2017


If a Central Coast lawmaker prevails, students in California public schools may soon be taught how decipher fact-based news from “fake news.” State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson from Santa Barbara has introduced a bill to create a statewide advisory committee to come up with the best way to educate students on responsible media consumption. 

The Democrat said there’s a significant need for this kind of education, with the new political climate.

“We have to know fact from fiction. Reality from unreality. And be able to make decisions based on what is, not what is fantasy," Jackson said.

According to Jackson’s office, the bill is intended to bring together educators, administrators and parents in an advisory capacity. The group would design an instructional curriculum on how students can navigate the digital world. And the statewide committee would figure out how to best provide teacher training on topics like privacy, cyberbullying and digital footprints.

Jackson said the bill will be heard by committees some time in the next month.