New Fredericksburg, Texas brewery honors 16th century German "reinheitsgebot" and fire-brewing

Jan 9, 2018

William Scripps Jr., pulls a fresh draft of his Altstadt Beer at his Fredericksburg, Texas brewery
Credit Tom Wilmer

What happens when you have ample funding to realize your dreams, combined with a tenacious quest to recreate classic German-style beer in the heart of Texas?

In the case of William Scripps, Jr., it was the creation of Altstadt Brewery in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Altstadt’s philosophy is a trend-setter in reverse—as Scripps tenaciously follows the 16th century German Reinheitsgebot purity laws that limit ingredients to the four essentials: water, barley, yeast, and hops.  

Altstadt Brewery label
Credit Altstadt Brewery

Brewmaster, Peter Köstler, a native German, holds a Masters of Science in Brewing and Beverage Technology from the Technical University of Munich in Weihenstephan.

high-tech welding process perfected in Germany was utilized at Alstadt Brewery
Credit Thomas Wilmer

Altstadt utilizes the classic fire-brewed process that was made popular by Stroh’s in Detroit backing the 1860s. Fire brewing techniques eventually faded from popularity in the American brewery scene due to cost factors, but that didn’t deter Scripps.

Altstadt Brewery's traditional copper distillation pots imported from Bavaria
Credit Thomas Wilmer

Scripps currently produces Kölsch, Lager, and Alt style beers. But he has no fear of eventually expanding to include others such as IPA’s. The uncompromising brewery imports its essential ingredients, hops, barley, and yeast from Germany.

Köstler say, “Our Altbier finds a great balance between a rich, caramel flavor and toffee notes from the malt. Even though it is our darkest beer, Altstadt’s purity standards give the Altbier a very clean, easy-to-drink finish.”  

Scripps employed welders from Germany to install the complex state-of-the-art piping and machinery, and sourced the finest equipment available.

German technicians worked for months at Altstadt Brewery installing complex, high-tech piping.
Credit Tom Wilmer

Phase two at Altstadt is overnight accommodations and destination event space for groups and business retreats and functions.

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