Pacific Wildlife Care—911 animal rescue and rehabilitation

Mar 27, 2017

Pacific Wildlife Care staff at work
Credit Thomas Wilmer

Pacific Wildlife Care is situated in a non-descript building behind the old PG&E power plant in Morro Bay, California. But, anywhere wounded or endangered wildlife are found on the Central Coast they are just a phone call away from rescue and rehabilitation. The organization rescues more than 3,000 wild animals, representing more than 200 different species annually. In conjunction with the non-profit organization’s 30th anniversary of rescue, rehabilitation, and community outreach, correspondent Tom Wilmer met with board members Meg Crockett and Kathleen Dillon where they went on a grand tour of the Pacific Wildlife facility.

Wild in the Plaza--honoring Pacific Wildlife Care's 3oth anniversary will take place in the Mission Plaza, downtown San Luis Obispo, May 13th from noon to 4 p.m.


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