Paso Robles wine-growing region has new recognition for its diversity

Oct 9, 2014

Map of the 11 new AVAs in the Paso Robles wine growing region
Credit Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance

Vintners in the Paso Robles Wine Growing Region will now get the chance to be far more specific on their labels as to where their grapes were grown. The Federal Government announced Thursday the creation of several new American Viticultural Areas (AVA).

The greater Paso Robles AVA will still be the headline regional signifier, but if at least 85-percent of the grapes come from within one of the eleven smaller zones, then that specific area can be signified on the label as well.

"These new AVAs are based on meso-climactic, geological, and historical information which highlight each individual district to be unique as a winegrape growing area," said Chris Taranto with the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance.

The 11 new AVAs are as follows: Adelaida District, Creston District, El Pomar District, Paso Robles Estrella District, Paso Robles Geneseo District, Paso Robles Highlands District, Paso Robles Willow Creek District, San Juan Creek, San Miguel District, Santa Margarita Ranch, and the Templeton Gap District. Paso Wine Alliance

Taranto says the push for the individual designations took years. Despite the victory however, he's not sure how widely they'll be used at first based on the general lack of regional name recognition.