A passion for crafting killer chocolates dusts a career as an architect

Jan 6, 2018

Quintessential Chocolates logo banner
Credit Tom Wilmer

Lecia Duke traded a career as an architect to become a Swiss Master Chocolatier based in Fredericksburg, Texas at Quintessential Chocolates.

Along the way Duke became America’s sole producer of a centuries old European confectionary process known as Liquid Pralina (liquid center) chocolates. 

Lecia Duke owner of Quintessential Chocolates, Fredericksburg, Texas
Credit Tom Wilmer

Duke’s first homerun was chocolate filled with Jack Daniel’s Whiskey. Today her product line includes an array of spirits, wines, coffees and fruit nectars.

Duke honed her craft with an apprenticeship under Lindt’s master chocolatier and she’s created more than 300 distinctive flavor filled treats.

Duke is exceptionally proud of her organic chocolate line that including a chocolate filled with award-winning Bainbridge Organic Distiller’s Vanilla Vodka.

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