Pesticide spraying underway in San Luis Obispo after detection of Asian citrus psyllid

Jul 2, 2015

The state of California was spraying pesticides in some residential areas of San Luis Obispo this week. County crews are working to control the spread of the Asian Citrus Psyllid.  

A worker sprays an orange tree in a Laguna Lake backyard in San Luis Obispo.
Credit Ricardo Teodocio

In the Laguna Lake neighborhood, crews sprayed imidacloprid directly on the leaves of fully grown orange trees.  They also use a ground application of a pesticide called beta-cyfluthrin. 

The Asian citrus psyllid carries a disease known as Huonglongbing that has the potential to cripple the Central Coast's multi-million dollar citrus crop. The eradication efforts are in response to the detection of an adult psyllid last month.

The spraying was scheduled to wrap-up sometime Friday.