From roadside Texas peach stand to international distribution of award-winning zesty cooking sauces

Jan 5, 2018

Fischer & Wieser Culinary Adventure dinner Fredericksburg, Texas
Credit Thomas Wilmer

It all started with a peach orchard planted in 1928 and a roadside fruit stand in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Today, in addition to fresh peaches, Fischer & Wieser Specialty Foods cooking sauces are sold nationwide. 

The family run business includes the popular Culinary Adventure Cooking School, and a retail shop featuring more than 150 different products.

Mark Wieser patriarch of Fischer & Wieser Specialty Foods in Fredericksburg, Texas
Credit Tom Wilmer

Come along and join Deanna Fischer for the rest of the story, including the tale of the ever-burgeoning line of cooking sauces that evolved from their Original Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce.

Fischer & Wieser Specialty Foods Christmas special delivery
Credit Tom Wilmer

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