Salinas-based produce company initiates recall, unsafe levels of toxic metal found in baby spinach

Sep 11, 2015

The California Department of Public Health is warning you not to eat a specific lot of Salinas based organicgirl baby spinach. 

Credit CDPH

The State's Anita Gore said testing found unacceptable levels of the heavy metal cadmium.

"While there's no risk of acute illness from eating this level of cadmium, long-term consumption of these elevated levels could result in adverse effects on the kidneys, liver and the immune system," said Gore.

The state says this lot had more than ten times what would typically be found in spinach. The organicgirl company initiated a voluntary recall and the state recommends throwing it away.

The recalled product has a "USE BY SEP 13" date and a lot code of B030298-001B08S.