San Luis Obispo County water projects get $3.7 million in Prop. 84 grant money

Jan 20, 2016

Several San Luis Obispo County communities will receive nearly $3.7 million in state grant money to fund future water projects. 

Map shows final IRWM (Integrated Regional Water Management) awards along the Central Coast. San Luis Obispo County is in light blue, which indicates partial funding of projects.
Credit State of California

  The money comes from Proposition 84, passed by voters in 2006.

The Oceano, San Simeon and Templeton Community Services Districts will share the money. It will be used to fund a water reliability planning study in Oceano, a well project in San Simeon, and a Salinas River use project in Templeton.

The three bids were among 26 awarded statewide, totaling more than $231-million.

Prop. 84 was designed to fund projects that provide safe drinking water, as well as river and coastal protection.