Savoring Healdsburg, California—the Nectary & Sonoma Cider

Nov 17, 2017

Gia Baiocchi serves up some fresh organic juice at her Nectary in downtown Healdsburg, California
Credit Thomas Wilmer

Gia Baiocchi’s Nectary in downtown Healdsburg, California is raising the bar with organic cold-pressed juices and artisanal raw foods. Close by, a block from the Plaza is Sonoma Cider, a leader in California’s burgeoning hard cider industry. Join Kole Christen in Sonoma Cider’s Tap Room.

The Nectary supporting Sonoma County firefighters
Credit Thomas Wilmer
Sonoma Cider bottle
Credit Sonoma Cider

#SonomaStrong #HEALdsburgStrong

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