See Rock City--Americana at its best on the outskirts of Chattanooga

Mar 29, 2017

Tourists from around the world love See Rock City's family style activities
Credit Tom Wilmer

Nestled on a ridge-top with dramatic vistas spanning seven states, Rock City started in the late 1920s as a Ma and Pa miniature golf course nestled in a garden setting. Barns across the Midwest were painted with large black and White “See Rock City” during the 1930s to spur tourists--today more than 100 barns are still adorned. Tourists now come in droves from around the world to savor See Rock City's Fairyland Caverns, Mother Goose Village, shops, and restaurants,live musical performances, and dramatic vistas from Lover Leap.

Kids love See Rock City
Credit Tom Wilmer

Sweeping vistas from See Rock City take in seven surrounding states
Credit Tom Wilmer

"Rocky" See Rock City's mascot greets visitors
Credit Tom Wilmer

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