SLO County Human Trafficking Task Force efforts continue into new year

Jan 13, 2016

This month is officially dedicated to raising awareness about human trafficking on the Central Coast.

This week, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors declared January 2016 as Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

Credit San Luis Obispo County

 It also marks one year since the District Attorney's Office launched its human trafficking task force.

Lee Cunningham is Assistant District Attorney and says the task force has achieved a lot to combat the issue in the County, which serves as a main thoroughfare for trafficking between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

"It's ripe for human trafficking," he said. "We're also finding out that a lot of our human trafficking issues are coming from the Central Valley as well. So we're renewing our efforts to collaborate with agencies in the Central Valley."

The task force also continues to focus on public outreach and developing placement and housing for victims.

Cunningham said the task force has also been working with local lawmakers to create legislation that would decrease the demand for trafficking.