Slow Money SLO helps local food and beverage companies thrive

Jul 22, 2015

Over the past decade or so, Californians—and to a big extent, those of us along the Central Coast—are moving toward artisanal foods and beverages as people long for products made closer to home with recognizable ingredients and minimal processing. 

Some of the artisanal products supported by Slow Money SLO efforts can be found at local farmers markets, like this on in Atascadero.
Credit North County Farmers Market Association

Many people refer to this as the 'Slow Food' movement, a movement that continues to grow, bringing countless business opportunities to entrepreneurs hoping to join the momentum. But despite the growth potential, these ventures don’t necessarily have the same Wall Street power punch that banks are looking for when considering business loans.

That’s where local non-profit Slow Money SLO steps into help.