Think Globally, Report Locally

Dec 11, 2019

This week, Reveal teams up with local journalists around the country to see how stories we first broke on the show are playing out in their communities. 

We start with the issue of concussions. In Colorado, KUNC reporter Michael de Yoanna dug into local data after our show in February exposed the limits of state laws designed to protect high school athletes. De Yoanna’s tally of head injuries surprises the Colorado school districts where all those heads got knocked. Who is responsible? We’ve got a cheat sheet for you to ask questions in your community, too.

Then reporter Eleanor Klibanoff of the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting at Louisville Public Media dives deeper into data we used to ask this question last year: In sexual assault cases, how often do police actually arrest someone before they clear the case off their books? She found it can depend on your local prosecutor.

Finally, many communities fight hard to bring in high-tech jobs. Then comes the sticker shock, as the price of housing climbs. Reveal joined forces with NBC Bay Area, Bay Area News Group, KQED, Renaissance Journalism and Telemundo 48 to find out “who owns Silicon Valley.”