UCSB and Cal Poly rank high among schools preparing students for tech jobs

Jul 13, 2015

College students looking to land a job in Silicon Valley are off to a good start if they attend either Cal Poly or UC Santa Barbara.

The UC Santa Barbara campus
Credit Wikipedia user: Coolcaesar

Some 7 million applications and 40,000 hires were used to determine which universities are sending out the most qualified students, according to Business Insider.

The numbers were provided by Jobvite, a recruiting tool used by large tech firms.

"The data is Jobvite’s own insights, pulled internally from our product," said Marketing Manager Shamita Jayakumar. "We use this data for predictive analytics within the product that will show our customers how likely they are to make a hire."

Cal Poly ranked No. 16 on the list and UCSB came in at No. 8.

The top three universities are all Bay Area-based with San Jose State coming in first place followed by UC Berkeley and SF State.

Full list:

  1. San Jose State
  2. UC Berkeley
  3. San Francisco State
  4. Stanford University
  5. University of Washington
  6. UC Davis
  7. UT Austin
  8. UCSB
  9. USC
  10. UCLA
  11. Santa Clara University
  12. Carnegie Mellon University
  13. UC Santa Cruz
  14. UC San Diego
  15. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  16. Cal Poly SLO
  17. University of Michigan
  18. Arizona State
  19. UC Irvine
  20. Cornell University