UCSB Police release sketch of rape suspects

Feb 28, 2014

Credit UCSB Police

Police sketches are being circulated in the Santa Barbara area following the rape and beating of a 19-year-old UCSB student. Campus police connect these two men in their early 20s to last weekend's crime.

In a message sent to the campus community, UCSB Chancellor Henry Yang addressed the sexual assault and vowed to strengthen security.

Yang authorized an increase of five campus officers, as well as the frequency of their patrols. Additionally, there will be increased security measures with installation of new lighting and cameras on campus.

The UCSB Police Department has taken over the investigation from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department, as investigators now believe the incident took place on campus.  

The victim reported to authorities that she was approached by a group of Asian men, beaten and sexually assaulted. She was treated at a local hospital for her injuries and examined.

UCSB investigators are seeking help regarding the crime. Those with information are encouraged to call 805-893-3446 or leave an anonymous tip at 805-681-4171.