UPDATE: Car stolen nearly three decades ago now back with rightful owner

Dec 19, 2014

Stolen '67 Mustang is picked up by original owner Lynda Alsip (center) after 28 years. Also pictured are Officer Menchen (left) and Captain William Perlstein (right).
Credit Salinas CHP

A Central Coast woman got an early Christmas on Monday when she picked up a classic car that was stolen from her 28 years ago. It even came complete with a big red ribbon.

The California Highway Patrol office in Salinas matched the vehicle to a police report filed in 1986 by Lynda Alsip, who now lives in San Benito County, but was a Monterey County resident at the time of the theft.

The match was made by doing a vehicle identification number search on a 1967 Ford Mustang that was being registered.

"It was an interesting conversation," Officer Jaime Rios says regarding the call they placed after the CHP finally tracked down the rightful owner. "Initially, I don't think she believed us, that we had found the car."

Officer Rios says the car is in running condition. He also says the woman still has the personalized plates she got for the car in 1986 (LNDAZ67), but the Mustang was stolen before she could put the plates on it. 

The Mustang was originally a gift from the woman's dad while she was still a teenager. He has since passed away, so she said having the car returned is even more special to her.

As for the case of the stolen car itself, the CHP says the investigation is looking into the person who brought it in for registration and where he got the car.