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  • Friday, January 22, 2021 8:46am
    Who Will be the Next California Attorney General?Other than Governor, being California’s Attorney General is arguably the most coveted political job in California. It makes you the Golden State’s top prosecutor, you get tons of attention, and the job can serve as a launching pad to higher office, like it did for Vice President Kamala Harris. The Attorney General’s position will soon be vacant and lots of people want the job. Reporter: Katie Orr, KQED This will mean more regular beds and ICU beds at Pacifica Hospital of the Valley in Sun Valley. And the state is reopening Pacific Gardens Medical Center in Hawaiian Gardens, which had closed four years ago. Reporter: Jackie Fortier, KPCC San Jose Senator Dave Cortese says despite the fanfare around Newsom's goal to start re-opening next month, plenty of disagreements remain. That includes a proposal for weekly testing of students. Reporter: Guy Marzorati, KQED Just over three thousand inmates have gotten their first dose of the vaccine so far, but it still takes a few weeks for it to take effect. Health experts fear the worst is yet to come. Reporter: Marco Siler-Gonzales, KQED COVID-19 has spread like wildfire through California’s prisons and jails. To reduce caseloads and deaths, the state has prioritized certain groups of inmates for early release. Reporter: Lucy Copp The California Report Magazine: The History of 'Amazing Grace' and U.S PresidentsFor years, there’s been this link between Amazing Grace” and U.S. presidents all along the political spectrum. Reporter: Chloe Veltman, KQED
  • Thursday, January 21, 2021 8:39am
    People Who Knew Kamala Harris Best Reflect on Watching Her Ascend to the White HouseKamala Harris represents a lot of firsts, from the first female vice president to the first Black vice-president to the first vice president of South Asian descent. But what do the people who knew Harris as a San Francisco D.A., California Attorney General, and U.S Senator think about her ascent? Reporter: Marisa Lagos, KQED After the new vice president was sworn in yesterday, Kamala Harris turned her attention to her first official duty: swearing in her replacement to represent California in the U.S. Senate. Reporter: Scott Shafer, KQED Amanda Gorman is the 22-year-old poet from Los Angeles who recited her poem “The Hill We Climb” at the inauguration. Gorman got her start writing poetry through an LA-based non-profit called WriteGirl. Caroline Champlin, KPCC The Biden White House has unveiled an ambitious immigration agenda, including a reform bill that would set a path to legalization for the estimated 11 million undocumented people in this country. Reporter: Farida Jhabvala Romero Overall, Latinos cast an estimated 16.6 million ballots in November and preferred Biden to Trump by a 3 to 1 margin. This new study by the UCLA Latino Policy and Politics Initiative looked at counties with the most Latino voters in more than a dozen states Reporter: Darrell Satzman, KCRW 
  • Wednesday, January 20, 2021 7:35am
    Biden Inauguration Marks End of Political and Legal Warfare Between California and the Trump Administration The presidency of Donald Trump ends Wednesday morning, and when it does, it will mark the end of four years of feuding with the Trump Administration over issues like health care, the environment, and immigration. Reporter: Scott Shafer, KQED The New Year’s surge is not as bad as health officials feared. The number of people requiring medical care has stabilized and declined slightly. Reporter: Lesley McClurg, KQED Under the new Trump administration rule, immigration court fees would jump by hundreds of dollars. U.S. District Judge Amit P. Mehta says the fee hikes would have caused plaintiffs irreparable harm, and were likely unlawful. Reporter: Farida Jhabvala Romero, KQED 
  • Tuesday, January 19, 2021 9:33am
    Health care workers are treating more COVID19 patients than ever in this pandemic, and hospitalizations from the virus are mounting more pressure on an already strained health care system. Reporter: Marco Siler Gonzales, KQED State health officials are recommending a pause in using one batch of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine because of unexpected adverse reactions. Reporter: Molly Peterson, KQED Weeks after Proposition 22 became law, we are already seeing the effects ripple out into industries beyond the “gig economy.” The country’s second-largest grocery store chain, Albertsons, is now laying off its grocery delivery employees and replacing them with contractors at DoorDash. Critics of the measure say they warned this would happen. Reporter: Sam Harnett, KQED As the sun sets on the Trump Administration, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management has proposed removing the protected status of millions of acres of desert lands across California. Reporter: Ezra David Romero, CapRadio
  • Monday, January 18, 2021 10:11am
    Alex Padilla Calls for Legalization of Undocumented Immigrants in Essential Services Kamala Harris will officially resign her California U.S. Senate seat as she prepares to be sworn in as vice president on Wednesday. Harris's appointed successor, California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, says undocumented immigrants working in essential services deserve not just labor protections, but the security of a path to citizenship. Reporter: Tyche Hendricks Todd Gloria is San Diego's new mayor. He's a Democrat, and the first openly gay person and person of color to lead San Diego, a city of nearly 1.5 million people. Guest: Todd Gloria, San Diego mayor Fraudsters have stolen as much as $8 billion dollars and counting in unemployment benefits from the state. Now Bank of America is facing a federal lawsuit in connection with that fraud, and the impact it’s had on innocent customers. Reporter: Mary Franklin Harvin, The California Report Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris resigned her California U.S. Senate seat today, but that vacant seat won’t be vacant for long. Governor Gavin Newsom tapped current Secretary of State Alex Padilla to serve out the final two years of Harris’s Senate term. Reporter: Scott Shafer, KQED