Central Coast Curious

Every day at KCBX, we work to report the stories you want to hear. We’re a small newsroom, but we are growing. And now we’d like to recruit you! We want to bring you - our audience - closer to the news and into the journalistic storytelling we strive to do here at KCBX by answering your questions about the region. That’s why we are launching Central Coast Curious

Here’s how it works: You send us your questions about the Central Coast region by filling in the box below. Later, you’ll have opportunities to vote on the ones you most want us to answer. Then, we’ll work with our question askers to report the answers together and broadcast our reports on the air and on NPR One.

You can ask us anything, silly or serious. You might wonder: Why do we have so few mental health facilities in our area? What's the status of the proposed Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary? Where are secret beaches? How much is the city of San Luis Obispo spending on recycling? What defines Central Coast cuisine?

So, ask away. Be Central Coast curious!

[Editor's note: If you've submitted a question and don't see it appear in a voting round, please be patient. We are grouping similar questions together, so your question may appear in a later round.]


PG&E video still

For our latest Central Coast Curious segment, a listener asks what happens to San Luis Obispo County’s compensation for Diablo Canyon’s decommissioning if PG&E goes bankrupt due to its multiple liabilities?

Courtesy of the Natural Healing Center

Here's another segment from KCBX News’ Central Coast Curious project; we take listener questions  submitted at our website, KCBX.org, and send our reporters out to find answers. This time, our question focuses on cannabis. Listener Charlie Blair wondered how commercial, recreational cannabis has impacted the Central Coast economy so far. Contributor Menaka Wilhelm took a look at the industry in San Luis Obispo County.

Harold Litwiler

Time for another installment of Central Coast Curious. That’s our new reporting projecting where listeners ask questions and KCBX News investigates and reports back to you.

Every spring, a nearly-neon yellow flower blooms over the Central Coast’s hillsides: mustard. But as listener Leslie Thompson points out in her Central Coast Curious question, mustard hasn’t always been here — it may be pretty, but it’s an invasive plant. Thompson asks, “how did mustard come to “invade” the Central Coast?

Southern Poverty Law Center

The KCBX Central Coast Curious project provides you the opportunity to ask the KCBX News team questions about the Central Coast. We posted a Central Coast Curious voting round this summer that included some listener questions related to nationwide issues. The winning question from the voting round was: “Are there any active, known and 'out' members of white nationalist or violent racist organizations in San Luis Obispo County?”

Tyler Pratt/KCBX News

As part of our Central Coast Curious series, we received this question from Juliane McAdam: "Every time I drive past the San Luis Obispo Cemetery on Higuera, I wonder what the giant pyramid is all about. Is it a tomb or a monument?" KCBX News wondered the same thing and around the same time, so did reporter Andrew Sheeler at the San Luis Obispo Tribune. Sheeler reported on the history of San Luis Obispo's iconic pyramid for his series, "That's SLO Weird," and we invited Sheeler to the KCBX studio to tell us all about it.

Greta Mart/KCBX

Recently you’ve been hearing about a new initiative we’ve launched called Central Coast Curious. It’s a way KCBX listeners can pose questions and vote on the ones they are most curious about. The KCBX Newsroom will then investigate and produce a story; the winning question from our first voting round focuses on recycling.