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Cambria's water crisis entering emergency situation

Flickr member Damian Gadal

It's a dire water situation in the small coastal village of Cambria, where emergency measures are being considered to keep the drinking water supply from running dry.

Officials with the State of California are now considering ways to help the Cambria Community Services District cut through governmental red tape in order to rapidly build a back-up treatment plant. The state government team visited the village last week to assess the situation.

The goal is to have a treatment facility up and running in just a matter of months.

"We are facing a possibility of actually just running out of water sometime in the early fall or around October or November, we don't know for sure because we're in uncharted territory," said Tom Gray, the village spokesperson for the water crisis. "The object is to get an emergency supply facility up and running before that happens."

Gray says Cambria is an isolated community that is cut off from any water delivery system. Should the village source run dry without any backup system, they'll have to resort to the prohibitively expensive option of trucking in water, or some other extreme means of supplying drinking water to the community.