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SLO County gets $192,000 to help reduce traffic-related deaths

Flickr User: dkastner01 - bicyclists on a back road in Arroyo Grande

The State of California is giving San Luis Obispo County a $192,000 grant to reduce the number of traffic-related fatalities on local roads.

The money will target pedestrian and bike safety, as well as child passengers, and alcohol and drug outreach.

Kathleen Karlee is with SLO County Public Health and says her team is already meeting to work on the top target areas.

"We have money to do these programs, our struggle is getting people to attend," said Karlee on Friday afternoon. "One of our partners is the Bike Coalition and we just met with them today, and they were telling us about the adult workshops they're trying to do to educate the community on safe bike practices."

Karlee says one target area for the new funding is making sure low-income families have child car seats—and that they use them correctly.