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Organizers say Camp Hapitok will not host 2015 summer session

Camp Hapitok website

Organizers of a summertime tradition for kids with speech and language disorders in San Luis Obispo County said that the camp won't happen this summer. 

Camp Hapitok has been hosting summer sessions for more than 40 years.

Dr. James Brescia is the County Superintendent of Schools and said that as he prepared to renew the annual agreement between the County and the organization,  he had the relationship reviewed by legal counsel.

The County is currently the employer of Friends of Hapitok. In order to be in legal compliance, the organization or another agency, would need to fill that role. Those with the Camp say they could not meet those demands in time for this coming summer. 

Brescia said that the situation is a shame because he is a long-time supporter.

Steve Neumann is a father of three children once involved in the program and said that children will lose out on a tremendous tradition.

"The students themselves who are frequently marginalized at school and then have this opportunity to participate in this camp which is so unique and special for them, and I know it's kind of exaggerated, people frequently say it changes their lives but, this is one of those instances where that's actually quite true," said Neumann.

Superintendent Brescia says his office is ready to do whatever they can keep Camp Hapitok running in future years.