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Lompoc Cooling Facility tour supports Library Foundation

Kari Campbell-Bohard

The newly opened Lompoc Cooling Facility will be showcasing its equipment Saturday to help raise money for local libraries. 

The facility, the first of its kind in Lompoc, opened in September of last year. They've partnered with the Library Foundation and Endowments for a fundraiser, providing tours, wine and food from 2-4 p.m. 

Kari Campbell-Bohard of Campbell Farms and the Lompoc Cooling Facility said that many had expressed interest in touring the facility. Pairing with the Library Foundation for a fundraiser provided a way for the company to demonstrate three different processes of cooling which help produce arrive fresh from the farm to the table. 

Suzanne Schwark, President of the Library Foundation and Endowments described the facility and processes as an educational experience. "It's really incredible, what one has to know and do to preserve the high quality of produce," said Schwark.

Schwark said the exposure for the new facility and for the libraries is crucial for the survival of libraries because of funding.

"[The library] is a self-help institution," Schwark said. "People of all ages can have access to well-stocked libraries with reading materials."

Campbell-Bohard said they partnered with the Library Foundation and Endowments for similar reasons. "We think it's a great non-profit and important part of the community for people of all different ages and walks of life."

Tickets for the event are 20 dollars and can be purchased at the door. All the proceeds go towards the Library Foundation and Endowments. The facility is located at 1501 North L St. in Lompoc.