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New agreement keeps bus tracking app around four more years

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A smartphone app that makes it easier for thousands of Central Coast residents to use public transportation will officially be around for four more years.

The "Bus Tracker" app gives users real time information of bus locations throughout San Luis Obispo. Its creators and the city announced this week that they have entered into a formal, four-year agreement.

John Osumi is the CEO of Bishop Peak Technologies and said their agreement will allow them to deliver the mobile app and it's expanded administrative applications.

"It's actually for them to administer all of the information that the app sees-- everything from fare information, to the location of the buses, to the routes that they use, or even loading on loading new ones for special events like the SLO Skate park opening," said Osumi.

He said this agreement allows them to use city branding. It's now called the SLO Transit App and can be delivered as a city product.

The app started as a Cal Poly class project and had not been an official city app until now.

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