What starts out as a curiosity can become a passion and then on some occasions — a vocation. An artist’s professional life often finds them before they realize they have a gift. That’s the beginning of the story of touring musician, composer and producer Mike Blankenship. Host Elizabeth Barrett welcomes Blankenship for a conversation with this extraordinary keyboardist for the band Michael Franti and Spearhead, about his love of music, performing, being an activist for his community and role model for his son. 

Courtesy of Richard Fusillo

A new exhibit documenting the local Black Lives Matter movement is open for virtual viewing at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art.

Elizabeth Barrett welcomes Roya Khorram and Carmen Bouquin, two local college students who are uniting social movements through an Instagram account, "SLO Informed." Their account has amassed an impressive following and shaken up local conversations in less than a year by inspiring fellow activists. The conversation discusses the waves of change being driven by the emerging Generation Z, and the challenges of connecting the efforts of those from different eras of rebellion.

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