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From time to time this summer, KCBX News has hopped around our listening area to highlight local agriculture through those who run farmers’ markets, as a way to hear what’s available, in season, and new at the markets.

We also used the conversations to learn a bit about some of the challenges these markets may face, or new rules and programs that could change your experience.

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Strawberries continue to be Santa Barbara County's largest crop based on gross earnings, but wine grapes are quickly gaining steam.

The county's wine industry knocked broccoli production out of the number two spot for 2013 with a total value of $163 million.

The Agricultural Commissioner's office released the most recent crop report late Tuesday afternoon. It shows total value of all the local crops at more than $1.4 billion, up nearly ten percent from 2012.

North County Farmers Market Association

While farmers’ markets are a year-round tradition along the Central Coast, the bounty certainly kicks up a notch as we head into the summer months of June, July, and August.

This year however, you may find it more difficult to locate some favorites at your local market. For instance, some farmers are no longer growing water-intensive crops like blueberries and corn.