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One of the athletic fields on the UC Santa Cruz campus is now shut down for the fall after a summer of reduced irrigation in an effort to conserve water. 

The Upper East Field is used for a variety of sports and events, but management feels light watering has put the field in a state that it can no longer be used.

At UC Santa Barbara however, the fields are in much better shape because there was no need to hold back on irrigation this year.

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The San Luis Obispo Police Department confirmed Thursday that drugs played a role in the August 10 armed robbery at the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity house on California Boulevard.

Investigators say they were able to determine narcotics were being stored, distributed and sold from within the fraternity house before and after the robbery.

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The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney's Office formally announced charges Friday in a 12 count criminal complaint against the five Cal Poly students investigators connected to a fraternity robbery earlier this month.

The most serious charges are against 18-year-old Cameron Marcel Akins who has several gun enhancements added to the already serious robbery charges he's facing. Gun enhancements can add 10 years to a prison sentence.

Jay Thompson, Cal Poly

A team of scientists at Cal Poly worked to test elements of a kite-like, solar-powered spacecraft Wednesday on the San Luis Obispo campus.

It's called the LightSail mission and it's built using components known as CubeSats developed at Cal Poly and Stanford University.

Wednesday's test was to include a full simulation of what the spacecraft will do in space, however a communications problem between the antenna and receiver caused a glitch in the testing. Another test has been scheduled for next week. 

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Founders of Farmgram, an online farmer's market, are hoping to make their product the main way people on the Central Coast buy food for their families.

Tyler Thomas and Adrian Godby are the co-founders of Farmgram and recent Cal Poly Architecture graduates. Regulars to the Thursday night farmer's market in San Luis Obispo are probably familiar with the two, holding their produce checklists, loading carrots, kale and strawberries on to their wagons.

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Five Cal Poly football players are facing charges related to an attempted weekend armed robbery at a fraternity house adjacent to campus.

The official university statement says the players were "suspended from all team activities effective immediately" and possible student disciplinary action is awaiting the results of an internal investigation.

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The college ranking season has begun with Money Magazine's look at the best universities nationwide.

Cal Poly is within the top five percent of schools considered to be a good investment for your money. UCSB is within the top seven percent.

Among California schools, Cal Poly comes in at number eleven.

President Jeff Armstrong says in order to crack that top ten, Cal Poly needs to better its graduation rate.

Jay Thompson, Cal Poly

This weekend's SLO Triathlon is being celebrated for one very noteworthy participant, a 20-year-old man with severe cerebral palsy. Thanks to a team effort, 20-year-old Joseph Cornelius of Los Osos was able to take part in the event's swimming competition.

Cornelius' father John has often included Josephy in foot races, despite his son's inability to walk or talk. But, the challenge of having him participate in a swimming event presented a greater challenge. That's where a team of Cal Poly engineering students came to the rescue.

This week's topics:

  • Fourth annual TechPitch event for the Cal Poly Small Business Development Center for Innovation and the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Softec, and the Economic Vitality Corporation.
  • Clean Business Investment Summit showcasing socially responsible entrepreneurs at UCSB.
  • Central Coast Restaurateur Ian McPhee negotiating to take over Sebastian's General Store across from Hearst Castle.

Ears on Art - Interview with Gary Dwyer (Part 2)

Jul 7, 2014

Steven DeLuque and Crissa Hewitt continue their conversation with Gary Dwyer, an artist of many interests and skills. For years he taught Landscape Architecture at Cal Poly and was fascinated by the links between sculpture and designing landscapes. Dwyer is also a photographer, whose work has been published in numerous magazines. He will have a photography exhibit at the San Luis Obispo Museum of art in July and August.

Cal Poly

Residents representing the neighborhoods adjacent to Cal Poly's controversial dorm site are working to stop construction, and have recently filed a lawsuit to do just that.

The Alliance of SLO Neighborhoods filed the legal paperwork last month to prevent Cal Poly from moving forward with construction on the proposed freshman dorms.

Alliance Chairperson, Linda White, says her group wants Cal Poly to come up with solutions for what the group sees as major design flaws for the project. At issue, according to the group, is an inadequate Environmental Impact Report. 

Mustangs fall to Pepperdine ending postseason hopes

Jun 2, 2014
Owen Main/

The Cal Poly Mustangs fell to the Pepperdine Waves 10-6 on Sunday night at Baggett Stadium in San Luis Obispo, ending the team's hopes of advancing in the NCAA Division I tournament.

The Mustangs tied up the game in the eighth inning at 6-6, after trailing 5-0 earlier in the game. But, in the ninth inning, Pepperdine broke the tie and won the gam. The Waves now advance to the Super Regionals for the first time since implementation of the 64-team field in 1999.

Cal Poly, SLO

Cal Poly’s College of Liberal Arts will host a free, public even on campaign finance reform Monday night called “Money in Politics: What Could Go Wrong?”

Political Science Professor Michael Latner will lead the panel featuring Trevor Potter, former commissioner and chairman of the Federal Election Commission (FEC); Lawrence Lessig, Harvard Law School professor and renowned author; Hedrick Smith, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and Emmy award-winning producer and correspondent; and William Ostrander, Citizens Congress 2014 director.


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The Cal Poly Mustangs were victorious against Sacramento State at Baggett Stadium, home of the university's first ever NCAA regional playoff game Friday.

Cal Poly scored runs early and maintained the lead throughout the game with a 2-4 final score.

Tickets for the match-up sold out Thursday morning within just a couple of hours, according to Cal Poly Tickets.

Cal Poly plays Pepperdine at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, and that game is sold out too.

SLO HotHouse churns out Cal Poly success stories

May 22, 2014

The SLO HotHouse tops our conversation this week with Mike Manchak, President and CEO for the Economic Vitality Corporation (EVC), regarding the latest business news and trends along the Central Coast.

Cal Poly's successful program in downtown San Luis Obispo is funded by Cal Poly and the business community. It's hosting a summer accelerator program for student startups. The venture has successfully incubated companies that have since been acquired by large corporations.

Pacific Business Times reporter Stephen Nellis has an upcoming piece on this program.

Bryce Cosio

UPDATE: Wednesday, May 21, 2014 - 4:07 p.m.

A man wanted by the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Department's Gang Task Force surrendered to law enforcement Wednesday afternoon, according to Lt. Smith with the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

"Based on the criminal history, and he's known to fight with officers, and has had firearms in the past, the San Luis Obispo Regional SWAT Team was activated," said Lt. Smith. "We basically shut down the area and had all of the pedestrians move out of the area."

Cal Poly Baseball grabs Big West Championship

May 19, 2014
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 The Cal Poly baseball team is celebrating its first-ever championship in the Big West Conference. The title comes after a weekend sweep over Cal State Northridge in Southern California. 

The Mustangs finished the season with six straight victories, increasing the team's standings nationally to as high as No. 4 with the ESPN-USA Today poll. The team now moves into the post-season with the Division I regionals set for next week.

This will be the third time the team has made it this far, all three within the last five years, and all under Coach Larry Lee.

Cal Poly Student Affairs, the Mayor of San Luis Obispo, the Downtown Association, and local bar owners have all come to an agreement regarding the opening hours for local watering holes the mornings of graduation—they'll remain at 6 a.m.

Dominic Tartaglia, executive director of the Downtown Association, says the situation will be used as a way to educate students on responsible drinking. Cal Poly plans to roll out that campaign over the next few weeks.

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There is a push to help control the number of drunk Cal Poly students attending this year's morning graduation ceremonies.

San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx says she was asked by leaders on campus to help organize a discussion with local bar owners. At issue, is the tradition of students hitting the bars very early on graduation morning and then, in some cases, being too inebriated to follow through with their ceremony.

The mayor says in some cases the graduates can't walk, disrupt the ceremony, and have even vomited on themselves.

It's a tough spring in California for committed gardeners who need to contemplate how our record dry spell will affect what they plant and tend to for this year’s fruit, vegetable, and flower gardens.

The complexities of gardening are what drive the passion for some. But others don’t quite possess the knowledge, talents, time, or even the physical abilities it takes to successfully work the soil. That's where a new invention, something called FarmBot, comes in.

Cal Poly baseball team ranked No. 1 in the nation

Apr 21, 2014
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The Cal Poly baseball team is having a record-breaking season this year, and with this weekend's sweep of Cal State Fullerton, the Mustangs now sit higher in the national rankings than any time in school history.

Just about every NCAA Division I poll released Monday ranks the Mustangs as the second best team in the nation, but one—the Collegiate Baseball newspaper poll—puts Cal Poly at the very top.

The Mustangs play again on Tuesday, welcoming San Jose State to the newly expanded Baggett Stadium for a 6:00 p.m. game.

Important Activities at Cal Poly

Apr 17, 2014

Larry Rutter revisits some of the discoveries he's made in the last few months exploring the variety of important activities at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo.

Larry talks with Sam Blakeslee, Jonathan York, Deborah Larson, Ignatios Vakalis, and Jim Cooper about various activities of the University.

Cal Poly

Plans to build new 1475 student dorms in a controversial location of the Cal Poly campus are still on track following a community hearing Tuesday night.

About 200 people showed up to the meeting according to the San Luis Obispo City Clerk's office. The vast majority of those who spoke—about 40 total—were against the project's planned location near the Grand Avenue entrance to campus.

Pi Day celebrated on the Central Coast

Mar 14, 2014
Dr. Jonathan Shapiro, Cal Poly Math Club

What started out as a small annual tradition at San Francisco's Exploratorium in the late 1980s, has turned into a widely recognized and good-spirited national holiday celebrating the mathematical symbol for Pi. The symbol (π) represents the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, which is roughly 3.14—however the number has been successfully carried out to more than a trillion decimal places.

It's actually a national holiday, named as such by congress back in 2009. And, this year the date takes on special significance because Pi Day (3.14) falls within Pi Month.

Many in our society have a “lock 'em up and throw away the key” mentality when a teenager's life veers off path and they become problematic.  The Bakari Mentoring Program at Cal Poly University believes that many of our youth can be re-directed through their intensive program that instead builds career and life skill development opportunities.

Cal Poly's Cyber Security Lab

Feb 19, 2014

Dr. Debra S. Larson, dean of the College of Engineering and Dr. Ignatios E. Vakalis, chair of the Computer Science Department, Cal Poly, talk about the school's new Cyber Security Lab and new concentration on educating students about cyber security.

Introducing KCBX's News Director

Feb 14, 2014

Starting in March, KCBX will be offering local news to its listeners for the first time in its nearly 39 year history.  And this week's host, Larry Rutter, introduces the person who will be leading that effort, Randol White, KCBX's News Director.

Drinking and binge drinking have become an enormous aspect of social culture at American universities and colleges, but this culture has evolved into a deadly trend where one student dies of alcohol poisoning every 44 hours in the United States.