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Santa Barbara’s 95th annual Old Spanish Days—or Fiesta—is underway. The festival, which runs Wednesday through Sunday, is a celebration of Santa Barbara’s history and cultural heritage. Sidewalk vending is common at Fiesta, and a new state law protects people who sell wares on the street without a permit. But it’s not a blanket protection for all sidewalk vendors, and local authorities say they will be looking for people selling food illegally at this year’s Fiesta.

Tyler Pratt/KCBX News

Cascarones — or confetti eggs — are a long-standing Mexican tradition. Chicken eggs are hollowed out, cleaned and decorated, then filled with toys or confetti. And often, the resulting party favor is then cracked over people's heads as a gag. The colorful creations are frequently seen around Easter, as well as other holidays and festivals, like Santa Barbara’s Fiesta, a celebration of the city’s culture and heritage. But this year, state officials descended on the event, threatening to issue citations to cascarones vendors, unless they started paying state taxes on their sales.