child care

Courtesy CDRC

San Luis Obispo County may be getting a new probation center. County officials took steps this week to fund the design of a new building to house all probation services. But this move also calls into question the future of a child care center at the same location, which some parents and advocates say is desperately needed.

Lack of access to affordable, quality child care in San Luis Obispo County has reached a crisis point locally and across the state. This crisis has serious implications, not just for families and children, but also for local employers, the local economy and overall health of the community.

Child care in the United States is inadequate, unable to meet the demands of a growing workforce and struggling to address the changing needs of American families. In many ways, we are failing to provide for our next generation during the years that they most need adult attention, stimulation, encouragement, love and hands-on tending to. Tune in for a conversation with Elizabeth Barrett, the Reluctant Therapist, about creative solutions for raising our children when parents are being pulled in many directions at once.

Broadcast date: 7/19/2018

Parents are often confronted with significant barriers to obtaining high quality child care. Among these obstacles are often low wages and high costs.  Quality of care varies greatly, and limited or unexperienced providers are frequently an issue. While many working families continue to struggle to afford the cost of care, a growing body of research shows that quality child care is important to the foundational development of children and their potential to thrive. Whether or not we help working parents in their struggle has the potential to impact our communities for years to come.