Chris Beland

Central Coast singer-songwriter Chris Beland is a musically-gifted and gentle soul.  He also has a wildly interesting and almost unbelievable life story.  Hear a remarkable conversation about life lessons and living without regrets, in this episode of The Reluctant Therapist.

Chris Beland has a remarkable life story—one that not many people would wish for—and that story might have just as easily been one of tragedy, but instead it's been a journey that has led to music, a wealth of self-awareness and a circle of riches in extended family and friends. Tune in for conversation and song with Elizabeth Barrett, the Reluctant Therapist, and her guest: singer, songwriter and gentle soul, Chris Beland— an ordinary person, doing extraordinary things.

Photo by Marisa Waddell

Oregon-based Anna Tivel, and Central Coast performer Chris Beland are kindred spirit singer-songwriters whose music expresses an honesty and depth that resonates with their audiences. They dropped by the KCBX studios to play some music and have a conversation with Marisa Waddell about their craft.