City of San Luis Obispo

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A group of non-profit legal firms are filing a lawsuit against the City of San Luis Obispo seeking to end alleged criminalization of homelessness by the city.

County of San Luis Obispo

Officials say the City of San Luis Obispo is water-secure for now, despite several years of drought conditions.

Courtesy: City of San Luis Obispo

23 new lots could be made into residential units in San Luis Obispo after the City Council approved a tentative map of a proposed development project.

Courtesy: City of San Luis Obispo

The City of San Luis Obispo is looking to add another mental health clinician and specially-trained police officer to its Community Action Team (CAT).

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The intersection at Orcutt and Tank Farm in San Luis Obispo is getting a makeover as crews begin work this week to install a new roundabout.

The city’s goal with the roundabout is to reduce traffic delays and improve public safety.

Jennifer Rice is a Transportation Planner Engineer for San Luis Obispo. She said the city is prioritizing roundabouts because they generally result in fewer traffic delays and emissions compared to signalled intersections.

SLO Chamber of Commerce

In a July 6 meeting, the San Luis Obispo City Council approved the first-ever plan for carbon neutral city operations.

San Luis Obispo already had a community wide net carbon neutrality goal for 2035. But this new approved plan, known as Lead by Example, outlines steps the city can take to reach carbon neutrality among its municipal operations by 2030.

The plan includes ways to reduce greenhouse gas emission production and remove existing emissions from the atmosphere.

Courtesy: Francisco Martinez

As COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, the City of San Luis Obispo is deciding whether to keep some pandemic-era changes, like dining parklets.

The city installed the outdoor dining parklets for restaurants when indoor operations were shut down.

The parklets are spaces that are built out onto the street and utilize parking space in front of the businesses, at no cost to the restaurants.

Luke Schwartz is the transportation manager with the City of San Luis Obispo. He said the city is asking people to fill out a survey about whether to keep the parklets.

Courtesy: NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide

The City of San Luis Obispo is proposing improvements to several crosswalks throughout the city as part of a greater pedestrian improvement project.

Courtesy: City of San Luis Obispo

If you’ve parked your car in Downtown San Luis Obispo over the last week, you may have noticed new multi-space pay stations are now installed in the downtown core of the city.

San Luis Obispo works to improve bicycle safety

Nov 5, 2019
Courtesy of Bike SLO County

UPDATE 11/08/19 10 AM: San Luis Obispo police and volunteers set up a bike light checkpoint at a heavily trafficked, and dimly lit, intersection in San Luis Obispo Wednesday evening. But local authorities weren't giving out citations. Instead, they handed out 400 bike lights and gave tips to cyclists, many of whom were Cal Poly students, on the the best ways to use them. Click the Listen button above to hear a radio version of the story. 

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San Luis Obispo city officials gave the second annual “State of the City” address Thursday. Mayor Heidi Harmon and City Manager Derek Johnson touted plenty of accomplishments in 2018, but also shared some financial uncertainty about the year ahead because the city is facing a liability of $150 million.

San Luis Obispo's new effort to become carbon neutral by 2035 is among the most ambitious greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets in the nation. But it’s not just about emissions, it’s about health, equity, economy, community well-being, and sharing our lessons with the state, the nation, and the world. Join Kris Kington Barker as she speaks with San Luis Obispo sustainabily managers Chris Read and Bob Hill, San Luis Obispo Climate Coalition's Justin Bradshaw and Monterey Bay Community Power spokesperson J.R.

Courtesy of Santa Barbara Mission Archive-Library

It’s often said that if we don’t know our history, we don’t know who we are or where we are going. All of us need to know a lot more about local history. In a sense, our history is who we are. Join host Brian Reynolds and local historian Joe Carotenuti in a discussion about historical subjects dear to the hearts of residents on the Central Coast: the missions, the city of San Luis Obispo, public libraries, and more. Join us!

San Luis Obispo County

A new state law mandates that San Luis Obispo County and a coalition of local entities receive over $85 million dollars to help mitigate the closing of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant. Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill co-sponsored by Central Coast state lawmakers Bill Monning and Jordan Cunningham.

Issues and Ideas: Celebrating Juneteenth in San Luis Obispo

Jun 20, 2018

June 19 is Juneteenth, also known as Juneteenth Independence Day or Freedom Day. It's a holiday that commemorates the June 19, 1865 announcement of the abolition of slavery in Texas and signified the emancipation of slaves throughout the United States. It came over two years after President Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation. 

SLO Peace Coalition

San Luis Obispo’s California Polytechnic State University, more commonly known as Cal Poly, has recently entered into a debate over "disruption." The university is heralded for its science, technology, engineering and math programs, as well as its "Learn By Doing" approach to education. Disruption is a term often tied to innovation and technological advancement in recent years, but the disruption campus officials are currently investigating is tied to how the First Amendment is being interpreted on campus.

Join host Brian Reynolds in a conversation with Jill Bolster-White, Executive Director of the Transitions/Mental Health Association. Listen to a discussion concerning mental health issues, including insurance coverage, how mental illnesses are different from disabilities, and the stigma still attached to mental health issues despite historical gains in the mental health arena.

Housing on the Central Coast: affordable to whom?

Mar 25, 2018
Randol White/KCBX News

Can the Central Coast ever be an affordable place to live? That question was pondered Thursday at the San Luis Obispo County Housing Summit. Local leaders, city planners, home builders, and realtors from across the state met to share experiences in creating affordable housing. But the big question being asked is, what kind of housing is necessary? 

What is the state of San Luis Obispo?

Mar 22, 2018
The City of San Luis Obispo

What’s the state of San Luis Obispo? That’s what city leaders sought to convey this week.

San Luis Obispo's mayor and city manager held the inaugural State of the City address at City Hall Wednesday night for members of the community willing to brave the rain. And while city officials touted many accomplishments, they said there are still plenty of challenges ahead.

Greta Mart/KCBX

An estimated 4,000 people gathered in downtown San Luis Obispo Saturday for the 2018 Women’s March event. Organized by the group Women’s March SLO, a rally replaced the march of 2017, which motivated an estimated 10,000 to walk around downtown in the pouring rain.

San Luis Obispo extends plastic ban

Oct 25, 2017
Wikimedia Commons/Horia Varlan

Elected officials in San Luis Obispo voted unanimously this week to curb the use plastic disposable straws, water bottles, and cups throughout the city. 

Hundreds attend San Luis Obispo vigil for Charlottesville

Aug 15, 2017
Megan Schellong/KCBX

In response to the August 11 and 12 events in Charlottesville, Virginia, San Luis Obispo locals held a vigil on Wednesday evening. Called Outshine the Darkness, around 1,000 people gathered to express solidarity with those across the nation protesting hate groups and white supremacists. Organizers invited Central Coast residents to "unite our community against hate, racism and bigotry."

Measure B-17 backer alleges election fraud

Aug 6, 2017

A local renter and treasurer of SLO Voice, the ballot committee in favor of Measure B-17, is alleging San Luis Obispo's mayor, city council and city attorney altered the language of the special election ballot now before city voters.   

Current San Luis Ranch development proposal gains support

Jul 13, 2017
Greta Mart/KCBX

San Luis Obispo is such a desirable city in which to live, it makes affordability nearly impossible - and building affordable housing will always involve compromises. That was the overarching theme during the most recent public hearing and discussion about the proposed San Luis Ranch development.

While the San Luis Obispo City Council didn’t take an official action on the project at the meeting, a majority of council members indicated they were in favor of the project.

Veterans find an affordable home at new SLO complex

Jun 28, 2017
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This week San Luis Obispo’s public housing department celebrated the opening of a new apartment complex for veterans. The affordable housing consists of 20 brand new apartments, half of which are reserved for homeless veterans. 

Wikimedia commons/Basar

San Luis Obispo is named one of the top 25 "Best Towns Ever" by Outside magazine in a recent cover story. Jonah Ogles, an editor for Outside, spoke to KCBX about what gave the SLO the honor.

Theft is San Luis Obispo's number one crime

Mar 17, 2017

San Luis Obispo Police Chief Deanna Cantrell released Friday crime statistics for 2016.

There was a seven percent reduction in violent crime in San Luis Obispo last year. But property crimes have spiked. A whopping 673 police reports were about thefts. And the percentage of thefts from cars increased by 52 percent from 2015 to 2016.

Thursday evening, the City of San Luis Obispo is holding a town hall meeting on the city’s Rental Housing Inspection Program.  

The nearly two-year old mandatory program, called a neighborhood wellness program by the city, affects about 4000 rental homes. The city says over 60 percent of San Luis Obispo's housing stock, that's all dwelling units, is rental housing.

San Luis Obispo adds 154 acres of open space to city's greenbelt

Feb 6, 2017
Courtesy of the City of San Luis Obispo

Area hikers will soon have new trails to trek. The City of San Luis Obispo has closed a deal on a 154-acre parcel on the south side of the Irish Hills Natural Reserve. 

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Over fifteen hundred people took the time recently to give the city of San Luis Obispo ideas on how to improve. Those people either sent in letters to the city or filled on an online survey. City staff are expecting hundreds of San Luis Obispo residents to turn out Tuesday evening for a community forum to discuss those ideas and what they’d like the city to spend money on over the next two years.