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The Santa Barbara City Council voted unanimously July 20 to prohibit natural gas in all new construction in the city.

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California's 2020 wildfire season burned more than four million acres and broke numerous records for increased size and intensity, according to a recent report from the state’s Forest Management Task Force.

Issues & Ideas: Fracking, emergency preparedness and recycling

Jun 11, 2019

Fracking has been a hot topic on the Central Coast ever since the Trump administration released an environmental review about the possibility of expanding hydraulic fracturing on federal lands in Central California. We hear reactions from some in the neighboring community of Kern County to the plan. And Stanford geophysicist Mark Zoback explains some fracking basics, including what is and isn’t known about the technique's impact on the environment. We also talk about emergency preparedness in San Luis Obispo County. KCBX's Greta Mart sits down with county planner Jillian Ferguson and emergency services coordinator Scott Milner about how they are planning for possible future man-made and natural disasters. Also, if you’re a Democratic presidential primary voter, how will you decide who gets your support? We chat with four undecided California Democrats. And we previously reported that Santa Barbara’s landfill is filling up. Soon, in July, trash and recycling curbside services will go up. We’ll find out how the city plans to use the fees to in an effort help improve how the city manages recycling and trash.

Santa Barbara to revisit proposed plastic straw ban

Jul 31, 2018

In mid-July, after several months of Santa Barbara city officials engaging with restaurants and businesses in an effort to reduce waste in the city, the Santa Barbara city council voted to pass local laws banning plastic straws, stirrers and cutlery and polystyrene—also known as Styrofoam—food containers

But at their July 24 meeting, council members voted to dial that back a bit. City of Santa Barbara Environmental Services Outreach Coordinator, Bryan Latchford, worked on both ordinances and spoke with KCBX’s Tyler Pratt to help explain what happened.

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The 44th annual Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Celebration starts Friday, and continues throughout the weekend at Alameda Park. Saturday's parade up State Street is the largest single day event in Santa Barbara County. It's been a tough year for the Santa Barbara community, and this year's parade may be a welcome celebration. 

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This week Santa Barbara city officials continued enforcement efforts against notorious landlord Dario Pini. Pini owns and operates - according to Pini himself - thousands of rental and motel units across Santa Barbara. 

City of Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara residents will have to make a new year's resolution soon not to water their lawns. This week the city council approved a ban on lawn watering, effective January 1, 2017.

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Santa Barbara city officials and law enforcement launched a series of surprise inspections Tuesday at 164 residential and motel units owned or managed by Dario Pini, a well-known and controversial landlord in Santa Barbara. 

The City of Santa Barbara will soon have a new police chief, following a nationwide search to fill the vacant position. 

City of Santa Barbara

Residents and visitors to Santa Barbara could hear some unusual sounds in the coming weeks as the city works to improve its sewer system.

City of Santa Barbara

The City of Santa Barbara is investigating levels of radon at one of its police stations. The testing follows several months of searching for a possible link between employee health and the condition of the building located at 215 East Figueroa Street.