Coastal San Luis Resource Conservation District

On this agriculture-themed episode of Issues & Ideas, we hear the second half of a conversation with Brent Burchett of the SLO County Farm Bureau, about issues facing farmers on the Central Coast. Father Ian takes us on a journey to explore growing and enjoying Central Coast artichokes. We learn more about a new research project in a San Miguel vineyard involving vermiculture, and tag along on a tour of a vermicompost production facility. And we get the lowdown on a state grant program designed to encourage healthy soils. Finally, meet the newest baby giraffe at the Santa Barbara Zoo.

Watersheds come in all shapes and sizes. In the US, there are more than 2,267 watersheds. We all live in a watershed. Experts believe using a watershed approach will protect our water’s resources, and safeguard our communities from flood and drought. The ACTION report found in 2012 eight out of the 19 communities in San Luis Obispo County reported their water demand exceeded their supply, or their water delivery system had reached its capacity. How can these communities benefit by watershed restoration?