County of San Luis Obispo Public Libraries

While you may not be able to leisurely peruse the shelves of your local library right now, it doesn’t mean the library still can’t be your haven during the COVID-19 pandemic. Libraries have quickly changed how, where and when they offer services amongst the continuing pandemic, finding ways to allow the community to access the myriad of valuable resources they have to offer. Join Kris Kington Barker as she speaks with San Luis Obispo County Libraries' Christopher Barnickel, Chase McMunn, Aracelli Astorga and Sharon Coronado as they discuss how County of SLO Public Libraries are working to support communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kathryn Whitney/California Academy of Sciences

If you’re someone who enjoys museums and aquariums, you may be interested in a new program from San Luis Obispo County public libraries. It offers free and low cost admission to 40 cultural institutions on the Central Coast and in Northern California.