Cuesta College Art Department

Mixing it up at Cuesta College's clay stomp

Sep 19, 2018
Ritchie Bermudez

It's harvest time on the Central Coast, and grapes aren't the only thing being crushed.

Crissa Hewitt and Steven deLuque bring us another segment of Ears on Art. This week begins a two part program with teacher and artist Bob Pelfrey. Bob was the third Cuesta Art Department faculty hire, joining Chet Amex and Barry Frantz. He draws, paints, and is a printmaker, but most of all he is a teacher.

Crissa Hewitt and Steven Deluque bring us part two of their Ears on Art conversation with artist and art instructor Barry Frantz. This week they'll discuss his role in the expansion of the Cuesta College Art Department facilities to include a sculpture studio and bronze casting foundry. The latter is a rarity on college campuses and this one has been going strong for over twenty years.

Steven de Luque and Crissa Hewitt will talk with long time local artist/teacher M'Lou Mayo. For many years she has taught drawing at Cuesta College and has exhibited both her drawings and sculptures often around the Central Coast.