Issues & Ideas: Vaping, lavender and a farm-to-school lunch tray program

Sep 30, 2019

On this week’s Issues & Ideas: the state's public health agency has urged Californians to stop vaping immediately, days after Governor Newsom signed an executive order aimed at curbing vaping among youth. 

Playing With Food: In the kitchen gardens

Jul 25, 2018
Fr Ian M Delinger

Gardens across the Central Coast are busting with fruits and vegetables! Just as you might be utilizing your backyard bounty, so too are some bigger operations. Father Ian visits kitchen gardens that feed large groups of people in a college cafeteria and an upscale restaurant. Discover how garden-to-table is improving the way we eat out on Playing With Food.

Jess Wilcox

Founders of Farmgram, an online farmer's market, are hoping to make their product the main way people on the Central Coast buy food for their families.

Tyler Thomas and Adrian Godby are the co-founders of Farmgram and recent Cal Poly Architecture graduates. Regulars to the Thursday night farmer's market in San Luis Obispo are probably familiar with the two, holding their produce checklists, loading carrots, kale and strawberries on to their wagons.