Looking for festive entertainment during the holidays? KCBX has loads of music and spoken work programming for you. Many of our regular shows will feature holiday music and talk, and we are also offering the following specials.

Christmas Eve, Thursday 12/24/20


Firefighters across San Luis Obispo County are getting infected with COVID-19, or have been ordered to stay home in quarantine due to possible exposure. Fire officials are urging extra vigilance to ensure departments can respond to emergencies. 

Divorce rates are soaring during the pandemic. As the holidays approach, questions about how to gather, who can attend and where we will go may be even more challenging for families that have been restructured. Bird-nesting divorce is a new way that parents are working together to provide continued stability for their children. What does that look like?

Downtown SLO

After 44 years, the organization Downtown SLO is canceling the city’s annual holiday parade due to COVID-19 concerns. But the group has some other ideas on keeping the holiday spirit alive.

Playing With Food: A Brussels holiday

Dec 23, 2019
Fr. Ian Delinger

It’s the holiday season, and what goes with the winter holidays better than Brussels sprouts? So many people hate them, yet they adorn many a holiday table across the country. There is an endless supply of the cute, tiny cabbages here on the Central Coast, and in this episode of "Playing With Food," Father Ian tries to help you fall in love with them or love them even more.

Photo by Zadl Diaz / Flickr

KCBX has piles of gifts for you this holiday season--in the form of great programming. Many of our regular shows will feature holiday music and talk, and we are also offering the following specials.

Friday, 12/20/19

Tyler Pratt/KCBX News

New holiday banners have gone up around downtown San Luis Obispo, part of a city beautification effort to highlight diversity in the community and raise cultural awareness.

As we enter the holiday season it's important to have a plan for navigating what can be the trickiest of social encounters - the family gatherings. Tune in for a conversation about developing sure-fire strategies for making peace, creating harmony and finding a few joyful nuggets amidst the crazy. 

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KCBX has gifts galore for you this holiday season--in the form of great seasonal programs. Many of our regular show hosts will feature holiday music and talk, and we are also offering the following specials.

Sunday, December 2, 6:00-7:00 p.m. Hanukkah Lights

A perennial NPR favorite with all new Hanukkah stories. Featuring authors Lynne Bronstein, R.L. Maizes, Susan J. Gordon, Jennifer Lang, and Kate Schmier. Hosted by Susan Stamberg and Murray Horwitz.

Sunday, December 9, noon-1:00 p.m. Candles Burning Brightly

by Denni Schnapp / Flickr

Here's your chance to share a story on the radio! It is time once again to be a part of the annual Ears On Art story sharing programs. Our theme this year is “Celebrations.”

Recycling do's and don'ts during the holiday season

Dec 24, 2014
Flickr member Colin Delaney

The gift-giving, party-throwing and house-decorating associated with the Christmas holiday season generates a lot of trash and recyclable materials each year. But, what exactly goes into the blue bins and what is for certain headed to the landfill?

Tom Martin has been with San Luis Garbage for more than 20 years. He says the rules surrounding recycling have changed over time, including what to do with all of that wrapping paper.

Tom Wilmer

Founded as a Danish colony more than 100 years ago, Solvang has been a popular year round destination for tourists who come to experience a taste of Denmark right here on the California Central Coast. 

When the Marissa Waddell, the program manager at NPR affiliate, KCBX, told me that Solvang was recently named by Time Magazine as one America’s Most Christmassy towns, well I just had to find out for myself just why this quaint Danish village is in close company with other Most Christmassy contenders such as Santa Claus, Indiana, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles. 

U.S. Department of Agriculture

Thanksgiving week is one of the busiest weeks of the year for food banks on the Central Coast as they work to satisfy holiday needs while maintaining the daily service they provide throughout the year. 

Locally, statistics show as many as one in four people suffer from food insecurity, with a large number of these being children and seniors. To help combat this, Food Banks function as a hub, partnering with hundreds of organizations to distribute food to the various regions.

During this time of year, food banks see a spike in donations of both food and money.