Independence Day

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With a heat wave on the horizon, public safety officials along the Central Coast are reminding residents and visitors celebrating Independence Day that all fireworks are completely illegal to use or even possess. Except where they are legal.

Flickr member Nina Hale

Fireworks sales started this weekend and 'safe and sane' registered fireworks are allowed in some places on the Central Coast.

However, because of the ongoing drought even those fireworks considered 'safe and sane' are a concern for fire crews. 

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The Lompoc Police Department has issued its first illegal fireworks citation of the season which carries a $1500 fine.

The city has a zero tolerance policy and is using addition police and firefighters to enforce it.

Illegal fireworks include all launched, exploding, and otherwise ignited fireworks that do not meet the "safe and sane" definition.

Permitted "safe and sane" fireworks can be used within the city only on the 4th of July and only until 10:00 p.m.

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