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With music venues closed and COVID-19 restrictions in place, musicians have been out of work for months. Now local musicians are circulating a petition, advocating for an end to the prohibition of live music events.

Thomas Wilmer

The Ark started back in 1965 as an Ann Arbor, Michigan coffee house that morphed into a legendary live-music venue. The Ark consistently attracts big name acts such as Joan Baez and Arlo Guthrie in addition to regional performers. 

San Luis Obispo, CA – KCBX and the Live Oak Music Festival are excited to announce that the festival is moving back to San Luis Obispo County. The Live Oak Music Festival is a major fundraiser for KCBX Public Radio, which is based in San Luis Obispo. El Chorro Regional Park (on Hwy 1 in the Chorro Valley) will be Live Oak’s new festival home starting on the Summer Solstice, June 21-23, 2019.

What is the polite and appropriate way to enjoy live music, or any live performance?  It seems that more and more people have become so distracted by taking selfies, recording their every experience and sharing every thought - that they’ve forgotten, or lost, the art of public behavior.

Classic Michigan Theater in downtown Ann Arbor
Thomas Wilmer

Join correspondent, Tom Wilmer in Ann Arbor, Michigan for a visit with Michael Kondziolka, the Director of Programming at UMS, and Marian James, the Executive Director at the Ark—“Where Music Lives”.

The University Musical Society, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan has been presenting a full spectrum of performing arts since 1880. 

Thomas Wilmer

Correspondent Tom Wilmer reports from Chattanooga. Come along and join the conversation with passionate music lover, Mary Howard Ade. She moved here from New York City to work as the Chattanooga Convention & Visitors Bureau’s full-time Music Marketing Manager

Live music has been an integral ingredient in the cultural fabric of Chattanooga since the founding of the riverfront town in 1839. Bessie Smith, born in Chattanooga in 1892, was fondly nicknamed "Empress of the Blues" and became America’s #1 blues performer throughout the 1920s and 30s.

Ranchers for Peace, a local band, performs live at the KCBX studios during the Broken Spoke Folk Show.

More information about Rancher for Peace on their website:

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On May 17th, 2014, critically acclaimed Scots-Canadian singer-songwriter David Francey stopped by the KCBX studios for a live interview and performance on the Broken Spoke Folk Show. Francey, the winner of numerous songwriting awards, was accompanied by guitarist and vocalist Mark Westberg. 

More information on David Francey can be found at his website at

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Marisa Waddell and Mike Nowak chat about the conductor's 30th year with the San Luis Obispo Symphony, the finale concert of the season, and the symphony's education and youth programs.

In the spirit of the season, Elizabeth Barrett and Brian Lanzone are planning a Christmas Eve Conversation with the Reluctant Therapist for an hour of cheer filled with live music, favorite holiday stories, and gratitude.