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County of San Luis Obispo Public Libraries

As SLO County COVID-19 cases rise and the demand for testing is increasing, three more county libraries are closing because librarians and other staff are answering the call to help the county in its COVID19 response.

On this episode of Issues & Ideas, we revisit how the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II affected the Central Coast, in a conversation with local historian Jim Gregory. We also speak to the director of a documentary looking at the long history of negligence and institutional failings around what's called the deadliest aircraft in the U.S. military.

Playing With Food: Journeys with Rachel

Apr 29, 2019
Rachel Duchak

Living in Los Osos has transformed the culinary endeavors of KCBX Morning Edition host Rachel Duchak, and it starts in her garden. Homegrown, carefully attended, and seasonally selected shape Rachel’s passion for plants. Visiting in her fog-kissed garden, we learn about her journey from the Midwest to California, and from English professor to radio host in this “Playing With Food.”

Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce

The Quick Pickle Kit is designed specifically to generate income for nonprofit organizations and schools via home pickling. Any fresh garden produce imaginable—from carrots to seaweed, along the classic cucumber—is fair game for pickling.

Ears on Art: A glass blower and cow creator in Los Osos

Jul 13, 2018

This week 'Ears on Art" visits with Los Osos-based artist Ted Emrick. Emrick is a sculptor working in a variety of materials, with glass being one of his favorites. He loves to teach and volunteers at Morro Bay High School, where last year he helped students create one of the cows for the Cow Parade, an international public art exhibit that features fiberglass cows painted, modified and decorated by local artists.

County of San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo County’s public works department is looking at changing the boundary of the Los Osos Valley Groundwater Basin, considered by the state to be in critical overdraft. That means the state’s recent groundwater management law, the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), requires the 11-square-mile underground water source to be stringently managed and conserved, and curtails unregulated pumping. 

Greta Mart/KCBX

Customers of the water corporations California Water Services, Golden State Water Company and California-American Water may soon be seeing rate increases on their monthly bills. The three companies provide water to areas of Salinas, Monterey County, Los Osos and Santa Maria on the Central Coast, and all have asked the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to approve rate hikes. 

Courtesy of Seth Richardson

On Saturday, May 6, a new one-day music festival makes its debut at the Red Barn in Los Osos, the home of the Red Barn Community Music Series created by Jonas Richardson. The first Central Coast Folk Festival will feature ten bands and seven straight hours of music. 

Ears on Art” features Dennis Kehoe, a Los Osos artist of many disciplines, including painting, printmaking, and sculpture. 

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A Central Coast school teacher is facing charges of child molestation following the report of an incident at a Los Osos home this past winter. 

Several Central Coast groundwater basins are on a California Department of Water Resources (DWR) draft list of water supplies that are tagged as being in critical overdraft. 

Jordan Bell, KCBX News

A Los Osos grocery store will shut its doors soon. The Regional Grocer Haggen announced today it will close or sell several of it locations throughout the west coast.

Flickr member jchants

Water purveyors in Los Osos released an updated basin plan Monday that details strategies for protecting the groundwater basin's resources.  

Kathy Kivley is the general manager of the Los Osos Community Services District. She said the plan is "vital" for the community. 

Nye County Sheriff's Office (NCSO)

Forensic investigators in Nevada say they do not believe foul play was involved in the case of a missing Los Osos woman whose body was found in the Nevada desert earlier this year.

Nye County Sheriff Anthony DeMeo says a pair of autopsies, crime scene details, and cell phone records show no signs of foul play related to the death of Margay Edwards.

The 27-year-old's last known contact with people was on September 14th near a dry lakebed, and she did not appear to be in any danger at the time according to witnesses.

Mike Baird

Los Osos Flow is a consumer activist group in Los Osos that says the water rates of Golden State Water, which serves about half the community, are too high. By comparison, the rates of the Los Osos Community Service District (LOCSD), which serves the other half of Los Osos are much lower.

The group is allied with a handful of other Flow organizations in Ojai, Felton and Claremont that are trying to use eminent domain to remove Golden State Water from their communities and turn operations over to local districts.

Brian Reynolds speaks with new Los Osos Librarian, Chase McMunn and families from Los Osos who are planning the sixth annual Los Osos Library Children’s Craft Faire. Last year the event was attended by over 500 visitors. Learn what it takes to put on one of the biggest children's events in the San Luis Obispo County Library system, and why this event helps parents and children start thinking about their pocketbooks at an early age.