CHP announces arrest in Prunedale projectile attacks

Jan 25, 2020
California Highway Patrol

For nearly a year now, mysterious projectiles have been hitting cars passing through the Prunedale area in Monterey County. The California Highway Patrol has made an arrest.

The CHP arrested Charles Kenneth Lafferty, 52, in Nipomo Wednesday. He’s accused of using a slingshot with glass marbles to strike moving vehicles. Lafferty is now in custody at the Monterey County Jail.

SLO County

A San Luis Obispo County planning commissioner has resigned after prompting controversy with posts to Facebook. South county supervisor Lynn Compton’s office announced Friday afternoon Compton had accepted a resignation letter from Jim Harrison, effective immediately.

Greta Mart/KCBX

Work will resume this week on closing the El Campo Road and three other median crossings on Highway 101 in San Luis Obispo County. The project will permanently block four openings connecting the northbound and southbound lanes; motorists will no longer be able to make left-hand turns on to and off the highway via those medians.

Who burned down farmworker housing in Nipomo, California?

Apr 19, 2017
Randy Fuller/Latino USA

Latino USA recently reexamined the 2016 fire in Nipomo that destroyed farmworker housing under construction. 

Nipomo Community Services District (NCSD)

The Nipomo Community Services District (NCSD) Board passed a Stage IV Water Shortage resolution back on July 27, bringing new conservation goals into focus.

Nipomo Community Services District (NCSD)

Residents of the Nipomo Community Services District (NCSD) will soon experience some changes to their local water supply. The chemical used to treat the water will switch from chlorine to chloramine to match what's already used in neighboring Santa Maria.

The reason: starting in July, Nipomo is expected to throw the switch on its new water project bringing in water from Santa Maria.

NCSD Manager Michael LeBrun said there will be a noticeable, positive change in odor and taste.

Nipomo Community Services District (NCSD)

Customers of the Nipomo Community Services District (NCSD) will be paying more for water in the coming months as the District hooks up to an additional water source.

Michael LeBrun is the District's General Manager and says rates will jump by about 30 percent in July when the water starts flowing.

The new pipeline will bring water in from Santa Maria to help diversify Nipomo's options. Currently, the area's sole source is groundwater.

LeBrun says the project has been in the works for decades and is gaining in local support amidst the current drought.


The community of Nipomo is seeing a rash of thefts involving the brass caps on fire hydrants.

The Nipomo Community Services District (NCSD) says at least ten have been taken out of the 650 throughout the area.

"Tampering with fire hydrants is considered a serious offense that threatens public safety," the district says.

A single brass cap may bring $10 in scrap value, and they're relatively easy to remove in order to give quick access to the firefighters who need to use the hydrants.

California Kiwifruit Commission

The ongoing cold snap hitting California and the Central Coast is expected to hit its peak on New Year's Day in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Monterey Counties.

Low temperatures are forecast to drop into the upper teens and low twenties in some of the Central Coast's inland valleys.

While a cold spell like this spells trouble for vulnerable commercial crops like citrus and avocados, one local crop actually thrives on the cold: kiwifruit.

Bob Criswell runs Mallard Lake Ranch in Nipomo and says people often think of Kiwi as a tropical fruit, and it's not.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Department

The husband of a woman operating an unlicensed day care out of their Nipomo home was arrested Monday, accused of having sex with a 5-year-old child.

66-year-old Adam Aguirre was taken into custody from his residence on East Teft Street.

Detectives say they have information indicating the abuse happened over the past year.

Investigators would like to contact any other potential victims and are asking for the public's help with this. You're asked to call the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office at (805) 781-4500 with any information you may have.

Residents of Nipomo could face higher water rates as the ongoing drought continues to take a toll on groundwater reserves.

The major water purveyors for in the area, including the Nipomo Community Resources District (NCRD), have agreed to reduce their pumping rate by 30 percent should the basin reach "severe water shortage" conditions—a specific term defined by a court-appointed group. 

NCRD General Manager Michael LeBrun says they'll have few options should they reach that low water mark.

Last chance for Dunes Center to dig up film history

Apr 14, 2014
Dunes Center

Buried beneath the sand of the Guadalupe-Nipomo dunes are artifacts from the set of Cecil B. DeMille's 1923 film "The Ten Commandments."

DeMille buried his set 91 years ago but since then, the shifting sands have exposed pieces of the set. The Dunes Center of Guadalupe has discovered many pieces of DeMille’s set over the years, but they are running out of time to find more artifacts.