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An oil company's plan to build a new oil well and pipeline in the Carrizo Plain National Monument has been blocked, after the California Bureau of Land Management (BLM) overruled a 2018 decision by the BLM’s Bakersfield field office.

City of Paso Robles

Water from Lake Nacimiento is not making it this month to the various San Luis Obispo County districts that depend on it as part of their drinking water supply because the pipeline that carries that water has been shut down. A few weeks ago, county workers discovered a leak in the pipe.

According to the Atascadero Mutual Water Company, the Nacimiento Water Project is the largest public works project in county history.

City of Paso Robles

Several Central Coast communities are facing severe water shortages this summer as our state’s historic drought drags on, and that's prompting many local leaders to consider short and long term remedies.

One of the newest proposals is to build a pipeline that could deliver emergency water to areas of San Luis Obispo County, including the City of Morro Bay.