State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson

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On Friday, President Trump signed an executive order to expand offshore oil and gas drilling in federal waters and the outer continental shelf. It calls for a review of current five-year plan for oil and gas leases, and directs the secretary of the interior to establish a streamlined permitting process. 

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Parents will soon be able to choose from a list of local after-school programs that are certified by the state as healthy options for their kids. 

Santa Barbara County

A new bill that would require the state to study unused oil wells along the California Coast is being considered by Sacramento lawmakers. 

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 A local lawmaker is hoping her legislation will determine how drones can operate in California.

Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson introduced a bill this week that would set comprehensive limits on where drones can fly. 

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New Years Day means several new laws will go into effect statewide including ones penned by Central Coast representatives in Sacramento.

Jessica Paterson

  A bill to clarify where drones can fly in California is headed to the Governor's desk. 

Jessica Paterson

A bill to clarify where drones can fly in California is moving forward in Sacramento. It passed 9-to-1 out of the Assembly Judiciary Committee on Monday, July 13th, with a bi-partisan vote.

If signed into law, SB 142 would prohibit unmanned vehicles, or drones, from flying over a person's property without their consent. It would clarify existing trespass law to include drones, creating a 'no fly zone' of 350 feet.