State Street

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Santa Barbara’s 95th annual Old Spanish Days—or Fiesta—is underway. The festival, which runs Wednesday through Sunday, is a celebration of Santa Barbara’s history and cultural heritage. Sidewalk vending is common at Fiesta, and a new state law protects people who sell wares on the street without a permit. But it’s not a blanket protection for all sidewalk vendors, and local authorities say they will be looking for people selling food illegally at this year’s Fiesta.

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The 44th annual Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Celebration starts Friday, and continues throughout the weekend at Alameda Park. Saturday's parade up State Street is the largest single day event in Santa Barbara County. It's been a tough year for the Santa Barbara community, and this year's parade may be a welcome celebration. 

Santa Barbara Fire Department

Businesses and roads opened Tuesday afternoon after a gas line break in Santa Barbara shut down a portion of the lower State Street area.

Santa Barbara Police Department

City Police in Santa Barbara will be strictly enforcing bicycle laws in the downtown area Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Peter Brown the City's Mobility Coordinator says this targeted enforcement comes as a response to the number of bicycle collisions and is part of a larger city initiative to promote public safety.

City of Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara's popular State Street was designated Wednesday as one of the ten best streets in the nation by the American Planning Association (APA).

Each October the APA names 30 streets worthy of recognition for their superior planning.

Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider says she's very proud of the designation and realizes it took generations of leaders to make it happen.