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Work begins Saturday on large new airport terminal in San Luis Obispo

The airport in San Luis Obispo will break ground on a new terminal this Saturday. 

Plans call for a building five times the size of what's currently there.

San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport General Manager Keven Bumen said two of the current terminals could fit in just the lobby of the new building.

Bumen also told KCBX, the facility they're about to build is crucial for continuing service within the county.

"If we're going to continue to sustain the service we have and the changes that the airlines foresee in that service, with larger aircraft and different business dynamics, we have to be in a facility that allows us to continually adapt to the airline requirements and the TSA requirements, and still maintain a level of customer satisfaction through that process," said Bumen.

Bumen said the new terminal should take about 18 months to complete.

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